Expert Trust and Inheritance Dispute Solicitors

The solicitors we work with are experts at resolving Trust and Inheritance Disputes effectively and efficiently

The solicitors we work with are experts at successfully handling wills and trust and inheritance disputes. Specialist knowledge and experience are vital to achieving a positive result whether you are contesting a trust or defending it.

Because when you act quickly through a trust dispute law firm, your claim gets faster resolution. Accordingly, you resolve issues early enough to prevent them from spiralling into lengthy and expensive court cases. In turn, that can destroy family relationships.

Trust and Inheritance Disputes

The cause of trust and inheritance disputes can vary enormously. However, at the centre of every challenge is a person who believes they’re victims of unfair treatment. For instance, trust suffers from improper management. Additionally, the trustees may interpret the intentions of the trust.

People make challenges in a number of ways.

  • For instance, they target the value of the assets within a trust.
  • Or there might exist a fundamental disagreement between beneficiaries.

The Inheritance Experts can help if you:

  • Want to remove a trustee.
  • Disagree with the reported value of assets a trust holds and want to query it.
  • Need to make a claim against a trust for money it owes to you.
  • Want support and guidance on how to best carry out your duties as a trustee.
  • Find that the trust has ambiguous wording, and you want to clarify the structure.

Trust and Inheritance Dispute Solicitors

Legal Grounds and Trust and Inheritance Disputes

Talk to us if you are considering challenging the terms or the management of a trust. We’ll even advise you if you’re unsure whether you have legal grounds to do so. The team at The Inheritance Experts can help you understand your rights and options.

The removal of a trustee typically occurs only when someone proves there has been mismanagement or misappropriation of trust assets. This proof could be through a variety of misdeeds.

  • For instance, they make poor investments.
  • Or they display an inability to obtain appropriate advice.
  • Finally, they allocate unnecessary money for a life tenant in a way that damages the rights of a trust’s beneficiary.

Handling Trust and Inheritance Disputes

The nature of a trust’s existence is to prevent financial disputes. Unfortunately, even those that are established with careful consideration to both tenants and beneficiaries can still be subject to dispute. It is important that trust disputes are handled with care and sensitivity as, more often than not, they involve family members. Working with the right solicitors means you can protect both your rights and your relationship with your family.

It doesn’t matter if the trust was created under a will or through a formal trust deed, The Inheritance Experts can help if you are concerned it is not being managed as it should be or if, as a trustee, your management is challenged.

Trusts created on or after 1 February 2001 are legislated under the Trustee Act 2000, while those created before this date are subject to different laws. Our team has a comprehensive working knowledge of all of these.

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