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Am I Entitled To Contest A Will?

If you are a disappointed beneficiary or believe that you have grounds to contest a will, then you may be considering who is entitled to contest probate. Contesting probate is extremely complicated, and you must ensure that you have sufficient grounds on which to base your claim. This guide will help any who believe a […]

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Settling a Trust Dispute: What To Do

Settling disputed trusts can be a complex process, and a distressing time if a disagreement has to be resolved between family members. To ensure that the process is as quick and straightforward as possible, it is important to be prepared for what to do in the event of a dispute and how you can manage […]

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What is Involved in Challenging a Will?

If you are a disappointed beneficiary, or you believe that you have grounds to contest a will, the results can be concerning and difficult to organise if you do not have the correct advice and knowledge behind you. However, this guide will enable you to understand the basics of challenging a will and what to […]

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A Mini Guide to Contesting Probate

Contesting a will can be a daunting and emotionally difficult time for all parties concerned. If you are displeased with the results of a will, you will want to contest probate. However, before you contest a will, there is a certain amount of information that you should know to ensure that you have the best […]

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What is Litigation?

When it comes to the world of law, there are a lot of different words that are thrown around. To the layperson, these can make the proceedings incredibly difficult to follow. The law has been built up over hundreds of years, and takes specialist knowledge in order to successfully manoeuvre through them. That is why […]

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Should You Contest a Will?

After a loved one dies, the last thing on your mind is the will. You have to deal with the grief, the loss, the funeral, and so much more. When the will does finally grab your attention, your hope is often that your loved one set something aside for you. If the will sounds completely […]

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